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    One of the many benefits of membership is our monthly newsletter. This publication is full of timely information designed to help members get the most out of beekeeping. Issues contain helpful checklists, so you can make certain you are doing everything you can to keep your hives productive and healthy. The newsletter also includes information on our upcoming events and workshop activities. As a BYBA member, a free copy is mailed to you every month of the year except July, August and December. Material to be included in the newsletter should be sent to the newsletter editor, Nancy Shwartz, at editor@backyardbeekeepers.com.

    The BYBA maintains an ever-growing reference library for its membership. We have assembled an interesting and practical collection of books, magazines and videotapes on the subject of beekeeping. These materials are available for free to members at any one of our monthly meetings. All material should be signed in and out and returned within 30 days. Further inquires about the Lending Library can be made to Alec Stevens at (203) 454-7026 or by e-mail at librarian@backyardbeekeepers.com

Library Contents

    Our monthly auction and raffle are fun events for those attending our monthly meetings. The auctions and raffles also provide an important source of supplemental revenue for the club. These additional resources help us afford to attract prominent speakers at our meetings.
    At each meeting, one-dollar raffle tickets are available for that month’s grand prize. Prizes are usually bee-related item, e.g., smokers, hive bodies, frames & foundation, hive-top feeders, and even packages of live honeybees.
    We also have a brief auction at the conclusion of each meeting. Auctioned items are donated by members, and are not necessarily bee-related. The item brought must have some value to be a useful auction item. It matters not if it is small or large, but should be in perfect working order.

    Members of the Back Yard Beekeepers Association qualify for 25% discount off the subscription price of two bee-related journals (“American Bee Journal” and “Bee Culture”). For additional information, or to request discount coupons, please contact David Blocher (203) 938-2539 or treasurer@backyardbeekeepers.com. .

    There is nothing more helpful when you are getting started in beekeeping than having access to someone who might know the answers you are looking for. With this in mind, the BYBA has established a “Mentor Program” to provide some hand-holding and moral support to those members just getting started. If you are a BYBA member, please feel free to call on the BYBA mentors. They are ready and able to provide you with a helping hand. For information about BYBA Mentors in your area, please contact Ann Murray at (203) 938-3822 or e-mail acm361@gmail.com.

    There is usually a meeting designed specifically for new beekeepers at 6:30pm (prior to our regular meetings). This group often breaks up into two tracks: the New Bees and the Not-So-New bees. These sessions provide a casual, open forum for discussing timely tips as well as general Q & A.

    The Wannabees is a group specially tailored for young beekeepers and their families. Open to kids of all ages, they have a hive of their own that they care for, and they meet as their busy schedules allow.

Download the flyer and spread the word about the Wannabees!

For information about the BYBA Wannabees contact Yuliya Gilshteyn yuliya.gilshteyn@gmail.com or Gail Smith ggsmithuk@yahoo.com

For more information regarding Youth Outreach - bringing beekeeping to local schools and youth groups - contact Peter Van Hagen at (203) 256-1467.