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The BYBA has a number of different events geared to educating the public about the benefits and rewards of beekeeping in our communities. The club provides qualified speakers for other clubs, nature centers, and schools (see “Need a Speaker?”). In addition, the BYBA currently has a program in place to donate observation hives to nature centers in our area. To participate in any of these programs, or for additional information, please call David Blocher at (203) 449-8147 or e-mail dblocher@optonline.net

The BYBA can provide clubs, schools, nature centers or other organizations with entertaining and informative speakers.  The club has a number of knowledgeable beekeepers that can share their expertise about bees and bee-related products.  The speaker’s fee is negotiable - our club's mission is to spread the word about beekeeping.  If your organization can make a contribution to our club, a donation of up to $200 for a
60-90 minute presentation would be gratefully accepted and would further our club's goals.   Travel and out-of-pocket expenses are additional.  For more information, please call Howland Blackiston at (203)226-6303 or e-mail outreach@backyardbeekeepers.com.

For more information regarding Youth Outreach - bringing beekeeping to local schools and youth groups - contact Peter Van Hagen at (203) 256-1467.

    As part of our “Out Reach” program, The Back Yard Beekeepers Association works with Nature Centers to establish honeybee Observation Hives (complete with live bees).  An Observation Hives is a wonderful way to advance the public’s education about bees and beekeeping.  In addition, the BYBA will designate a member who will serve as a “mentor” to the nature center, and provide help, guidance and training in the set-up and maintenance of the Observation Hive at their facility, please contact any of our Board members (see listing of Board members at the end of this pamphlet).  Your request will be discussed at the next scheduled Board Meeting. For more information, contact Jeff Shwartz at (203) 426-8620 or jeff@shwartz.com

     Want bees? If you'd like a beekeeper to place bees on your property, we can help. We can put you in touch with BYBA members
who want to take care of bees on other peoples' property. For more information, contact Rick Glover at (203) 520-4561 or rglover@webquill.com

    For public relations issues, please contact Patty Pulliam at
(203) 259-4861 or e-mail pattpull@optonline.net

    BYBA conducts an annual survey of its membership to monitor the health of our hives and the success of specific treatments to deal with bee diseases or pests.  The findings of these surveys are made available to the national beekeeping community.  For more information, contact Jeff Shwartz at (203) 426-8620 or jeff@shwartz.com