November 28, 2017

Jennifer Berry: Varroa Virulence

Varroa destructor parasitism is the number one reason our bees die. To be a successful beekeeper, we must manage these pests appropriately or else our bees are doomed. But how when there are so many options/choices/opinions? Plus, add to the mix time of year, temperature, location, population size, brood amount…it is hard to determine which is the best course of action. Now to make it even more confusing, there’s yet another management method; Oxalic Acid extended release towels which have been gaining popularity across the US. This past year, the University of Georgia and the Auburn Bee Lab along with Randy Oliver (Scientific Beekeeping) have been exploring the efficacy of this new method. Results of this large field trial will be discussed along with how to determine the best course of action to save our bees.