February 26, 2019

Aaron Morris: Masterful Beekeeping

Mr. Morris will give a presentation titled “Masterful Beekeeping”. The presentation will compare some of the many master beekeeper programs offered these days, will touch very lightly on the politics of the designation, and will offer tips to help keepers of bees be more masterful. Hopefully there will be more than a few “I wish I knew that when…” moments.

You may remember the technical difficulties encountered the last time Aaron presented to BYBA. Some of the swarm control methods that may have been missed will be included this time around, relying heavily on the techniques taught in Eugene Killion’s Honey in the Comb. Even if you never intend to make comb honey, the tips and lessons in this book are invaluable. Mr. Morris credits it  with transforming him from a bee haver into a bee keeper!

About the Speaker

Aaron Morris has been keeping bees since mid 1970s. He is the sole proprietor of “Double A’s Bees” specializing in nucs, packages, beeswax and candles, mead, and in-hive tutoring. His yearly average honey production is three tons. Morris is the past president of the Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Association and the Empire State Honey Producers Association. He is the Owner/Editor/Moderator of BEE-L, the oldest, continuously running internet list devoted to “Informed Discussion of Beekeeping Issues and Bee Biology”. Aaron is a certified master beekeeper with the Eastern Apicultural Society. Inspired at a very young age by a swarm that settled in a spruce tree early one Sunday morning, he continues to be fascinated by the magnificent honey bee!