April 30, 2019

Ed& Marian Szymanski:  Planting for Pollinators /
Neighborhood Mite Monitoring

Ed and Marian Szymanski

Ed and Marian Szymanski will present information about plants that provide nectar and pollen to honeybees and other pollinators in Eastern Massachusetts. Their recent focus has been on identifying plants that provide quality food to bees and other pollinators and incorporating them into the homestead landscape.

Ed will speak about a mapping and community cooperation program for monitoring and tracking Varroa mites, treatments, and survival rates in Norfolk County, MA.

About the Speakers

Ed and Marian Szymanski are homesteaders and beekeepers. They live on just over one acre of land in Franklin, Mass. on a lot planted with fruits, vegetables and flowers, and as little grass as possible. The homestead includes bees and chickens, and a wide variety of fruits, berries, vegetables and pollinator-specific gardens. They are both on the board of Massachusetts Beekeepers Association. Ed served 4 years as President of Norfolk County Beekeepers Association.