Saturday, June 15, 2019

Over-wintering Nucs

This workshop is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to overwinter valuable queens in nucleus colonies. The workshop will provide you with the knowledge required to make you successful, and will also provide with the equipment – and queens! – you will need.

The $100 workshop price includes a specially designed deep brood box modified to house two nucleus colonies side by side. To accomplish this, the box comes equipped with a thin center divider and two special inner covers. In addition to all of that, the workshop will provide you with two locally bred queens raised by our expert team of queen breeders. The queens alone are worth the price of admission.

This workshop will be led by Bruce Wartlieb and will occur at the BYBA Bee Yard on June 15th at 10 am. The workshop is limited to 10 participants and sells out quickly so, please contact Bruce at to reserve your spot and receive payment instructions.