September 24, 2019

Kim Flottum: Second Season

Kim Flottum

Getting past the first season successfully is always a challenge, and a huge relief when you do enough things right to have your bees alive this time of year. But now, you have to get them through the cruelest time – winter – and next spring so they take off and do what you want, and what they want for their second season. Find out more about wintering, feeding, pest and disease control and the pressures of the next few months and the always, always question – Now What?

About the Speaker

Kim Flottum has been the editor of Bee Culture Magazine for 33 years, and is the author of several books (BackYard Beekeeping, Honey Connoisseur with Marina Marchese, Better Beekeeping, In Business With Bees), along with countless other contributions. Kim is a retired Chairman, EAS, Past President CT Beekeepers Association, OH Beekeepers Association and simply a backyard beekeeper. Kim now lives in Medina, OH.