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Tuesday, October 18th – New Bees/Special Topics

Tuesday, October 25th – October General MeetingFeaturing Sam Comfort – Living the Hive Life: a night of music, bees, and anarchy with Sam Comfort – LIVE!

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About Us

The mission of BYBA is to provide our membership with a forum for sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping, and to educate and promote the benefits of beekeeping to the public.

Welcome to the Back Yard Beekeepers Association. With over 250 members, our association has grown to become one of the Nation’s largest regional clubs for beekeeping hobbyists. Some of our members are just getting started as beekeepers, and some have enjoyed this hobby for years. All share an interest in the wonderful and remarkable world of the honey bee.

The purpose of the BYBA is to provide our membership with interesting and practical information about honey bees and the “how-to’s” of beekeeping. The club also provides the general public with educational programs about honey bees and the benefits of bees and beekeeping in our communities.
The BYBA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization.

Living the Hive Life:

A night of music, bees, and anarchy with Sam Comfort – LIVE!

After winning 6 hives in a poker game, Sam Comfort worked for several years in commercial beekeeping across America.  He started Anarchy Apiaries in 2005 to explore permaculture ideas of low-input natural cycles.  He experiments with hive designs and new ways to grow bees. 
The mission is to have a good time, all the time (with bees).  Anarchy Apiaries runs around 1000 hives that split seasonally into 2000 mating nucs with no treatments, minimal feeding, and do-it-yourself hive boxes in New York, the Carolinas, and Florida.  Through teaching independent, biological beekeeping, Sam hopes to make it more affordable, approachable, and enjoyable, and thus bring the means of production back to the beekeeper.

Our general membership meetings are held on the last Tuesday of most months at 7:30 PM at the Norfield Church in Weston, CT.
Please see our Calendar of Events for details.

64 Norfield Rd
Weston, CT 06883

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