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Hiving Package Bees – Part 1, March 28, 2020
We installed a package on a chilly, overcast day at the bee yard on hive stand #3
.Hiving Package Bees – Part 1

Hiving Package Bees – Part 2, and Inspection #1
April 2, 2020

Installation of a package on hive stand #8, plus did a 1st inspection on the package installed in Part 1.  It was a little warmer than for the Part 1 session, but very windy!
Hiving Package Bees – Part 2

Inspection Workshop #2, April 19, 2020
On Sunday 19 April, Jan, Serge and Patty inspected Hive #3 and Hive #8. Both colonies were hived packages from a few weeks before. We wanted to see an active and laying queen, good population as well as nectar and pollen being stored.
Hive Inspection #2



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