It’s Time For Our Annual Meeting!

Each year at our Annual Meeting, the membership gets together to vote on its new slate of board members for the following year.  Our Annual Meeting will be held in person on Tuesday, November 30th at 7:30 PM at the Fellowship Hall at Norfield Congregational Church on Norfield Rd in Weston.  Here is our proposed slate of Board Members:

2022 BYBA Board


President: Ben Haase

Vice president: Andy Hatt

Treasurer: Ted Sullivan

Secretary: Keith Marsh

Ex-Officio: Rick Glover

Board members

  • David Blocher
  • Serge Boyce
  • Patricia Pulliam
  • Michael Brokaw
  • Reginia Cafini
  • Barbara Giobbi
  • Susan Hawley
  • Robin Hodgkins
  • Leslie Huston
  • Bob Kreitler
  • Michael Lund
  • Nancy Moon
  • Becky Newman
  • Erin Nikutchyuk
  • Jan Stranik
  • Paula Wolf
  • Rob Nimkoff, Newtown
  • Chuck O’Donnell, Shelton
  • Kiyomi Freeman, Greenwich
  • Bob Conlan, Newtown
  • Shannon Oddis, Trumbull
  • Chris Rountos, Redding
  • Andrea Caldwell, Fairfield
  • Tammi Worsham, Fairfield
  • George Luft, Trumbull