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Nick Hoefly: Beekeeping in the Big Apple

October 26, 2021

Beekeeping in the Big Apple

Master Beekeeper, Nick Hoefly will discuss his experiences keeping bees on rooftops and backyards across NYC. Find out how different, yet how similar, keeping bees in the Big Apple is to suburban and rural settings, and what it’s like to tend to bees in a 478-acre cemetery in the middle of Brooklyn.

About the Speaker

Nick Hoefly is a Master Beekeeper(Cornell 2020) and an emerging authority in urban beekeeping. He shares his passion through classes and events dedicated to honey bees and pollinators, as well as online through several social channels. A veteran of the TV/Film industry, Nick found bees when he took up beekeeping as a hobby with a friend. It was an incredible and fascinating first year that set him up to try to sell honey to finance the hobby. The interest in the neighborhood grew and he eventually founded Astor Apiaries with his wife, Ashley. Astor Apiaries is now one of the leading apiaries in the New York City area.


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