About The Speaker

Sam Comfort: TBD

May 25, 2021

The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly: Recent efforts to simplify a complex bee world 

About the Speaker

After winning 6 hives in a poker game, Sam Comfort worked for several years in commercial beekeeping across America.  He started Anarchy Apiaries in 2005 to explore permaculture ideas of low input natural cycles.  He breeds queens from hardy survivors, experiments with splitting techniques, and messes around with hive designs.  So the mission is to 1) make more beehives than there are televisions, and 2) have a good time, all the time (with bees).
Anarchy Apiaries runs around 1000 hives that split seasonally into around 2000 mating nucs with no treatments, minimal feeding, and do-it-yourself “comfort hive” boxes in New York and Florida and spots in between.  Through teaching independent, biological beekeeping, he hopes to make it more affordable, approachable, and enjoyable; thus bring the means of production back to the beekeeper.


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