Bee Informed Partnership Survey 2022

The 2021-2022 Annual Loss and Management Survey Live April 1 to April 30th Take the survey here New season, new survey! The Bee Informed Partnership team, in collaboration with the Auburn University Bee Lab, are enthusiastically inviting all U.S. beekeepers to take...

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Genetic Dysfunctionality

Characteristics Excluding Africans: Italians - big populations that use a lot of food, good honey production, calm on the comb, fairly gentle, with a tendency to drift and rob Carniolans - one of the gentlest bees, very clean, slows or stops brood rearing in times of...

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Mite Bee Management

When the theories of atoms started, the thought of comparing the smallest parts of matter to the biggest seemed strange! But here we are - nucleus, sun and orbiting planets, electrons.  I say let’s look at the management of bees.  We'll look at one of the biggest...

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The Porch

Growing up in a beach neighborhood, all the cottages and houses had porches. The place to gather as a family or with neighbors - the “social media” of the day! Most of the houses were built before the 1920’s and had gas heat and lights, no electricity, and no AC....

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Bee School 2022, Register Today!

      Registration is now open for the BYBA Bee School, which will be held Mondays, January 10, 17, 24, and 31, 7-9 p.m.  We’ll be offering the class in-person for a limited number of attendees, and also via Zoom.  This will allow us to maintain social...

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