Forage – The Flying Frontier

by Michael Lund Sunday, January something.  The weather report here in Connecticut looks as if bees may fly today. It’s been about 4 weeks since the last flight. As the temperature climbs into the low forties’ bees start checking out the entrance. While getting warmed...

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CSI: Deadout

Gather evidence at the scene.  Do your best to figure out what happened.  Other bees' lives may be at stake, should you disregard the clues. Hives that die in winter don’t usually perish of American Foulbrood, but still, you want to rule that out as a cause of death. ...

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Words From Our President – March 2021

Hello Fellow Beekeepers, It's March Madness Time and I’m not talking about college basketball, but rather all that we have to do now to get ready for the coming beekeeping season. 60 degree days, wind chill at nights sometimes down to the single’s all a...

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Newsletter article by Kira Ferenc

I’ve always loved pollinators and I always knew their importance in this world. My Mom and I always put effort into our garden so it could be a safe haven for the pollinators. However, I never thought I would start beekeeping. But I’m glad I did. It all started with a...

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A Way to Calm Winter Fears?

I've been a beekeeper for a couple of years now. I've spent the last two winters worrying about how the bees are doing and trying to find ways to check up on them without having to open the hive and chill all the ladies trying to keep the queen warm. Last year I got...

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Wannabees: Looking for Early Forage!

Enjoy this throwback article from the last Wannabees meeting, held pre-pandemic in March 2020! At our March meeting, the Wannabees Family Club of the BYBA met at the EarthPlace Nature Center in Westport. It was a slightly chilly, but beautiful, still-winter-looking...

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Informational Videos

Informational Videos Previously, we sent out a bunch of short videos to help you harvest, extract, and package your honey, along with a few other seasonal tidbits.  We're including a few of those here, with more to come later, for you to watch, or re-watch, at your...

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BEE – Get Your Copy Today

“Of the ten million or so different species of insects on our planet, none is more fascinating than the honeybee. Magnified hundreds to thousands of times with a high-resolution scanning electron microscope, honeybees become architectural masterpieces an elegant...

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